Boonton Coffee Roasters

Great coffee in North Jersey

Motorcycle parked at Boonton Coffee
Boonton Coffee Co, in all its glory

If I have an hour to kill, I hop on the bike and head to Boonton Coffee Company in Boonton, NJ. They'll brew to your liking, but I always take them up on their pour over. Ethiopian for the win, if they've got it roasted!

Coffee roaster
Bad-ass coffee roaster

It's the ambiance any coffee connoisseur would hope for. They roast right there at the shop, the machine is on full display, and the bags of green bean coffee are strewn about the shop. In part for roaster's convenience, I assume, but seemingly in part just to brag. Like hey, we can take coffee from farm to cup, and you know you love it!

Bags of coffee beans
Raw materials. Major caffeination potential

This is authentic coffee immersion uniquely located in a killer North Jersey Town. Hit this place up, soak up the locale, get hopped-up on a quality pour-over. And for goodness sake, arrive on two wheels if you can!