Make It Your Own

Customizing my Zero FXS to represent me

Customizing. Modding. That temptation, and inevitable addiction, to making your bike individual. To making it unique! Because you’re an individual. Because you’re unique.

2019 Zero Motorcycles FXS, unmodified
Straight from the dealership, bring your own kids.

Bling, mods, bits, farkle (for you ADVers). The art takes many forms. In-your-face chrome wheels with an extended swing arm? The stealthy, everything-blacked-out approach? All skill levels can play, from bolt-on shorty levers (easy) to custom painted frames (hard).

The art is maximizing the value of your time spent modding. I love wrenching, but I love riding more. Only changes that are worth the time and money make the cut? What can I do to make my machine look the way I want without sacrificing seat time?

Customizing my motorcycle
Modification in-progress!

It’s not worth debating these things at large; these are questions of taste. But that won’t stop this rider from sharing. Here is TYNXT v1.0 — the first version of my Zero Motorcycles FXS that looks like I want it to look with the features I want it to have.

First, a lockable top case. Zero makes a nice OEM rear rack, and I took the primitive approach of bolting a Pelican 1550 directly to it. While not convenient for removal, it maximizes storage volume while minimizing height. And it locks. Now I can stow gear when I park, and bring my hauls back home.

Next, a road-appropriate front fender. I have nothing but respect for dirt bikes, and the FXS has roots in off-road. But with most of my riding on asphalt, I’d like this super moto to look more street and less motocross.

Black and White 2019 Zero Motorcycles FXS
TYNXT version 1.0. My Zero FXS.

Last, black and white. My FXS was assembled in Zero's "Rhino Gray." I’m a fan of black and white, and initially planned to remove and paint the bodywork. However, a bit of research revealed that the FX was once assembled in black and white threads. AF1 Racing hooked me up with a list of parts numbers to order for a black and white conversion. So I went for it, and I dig the result.

To each their own. Make it yours!