Escape to the Starting Grid

Racing. It focuses, removes distraction. It’s an escape.

On the starting grid. A temporary departure from the concerns of daily life has officially begun. Weight's over the front wheel, twist grip turned, clutch in; eyes fixed on the number board, chomping at the bit for the green flag...

Green flag raises. Drag race!

Left hand opens, right hand twists. Wide open ... SHIFT! Wide open ... SHIFT! Catching and outrunning as many bikes as possible. Maximum acceleration instantly turns to tank-squeezing braking as turn one entry begins and a bike sneaks past.

Motorcycle racer leaning off

Lean-off, turn-in, brakes trail, eyes fix on the one that got by. Hungry motors just aft as transition to throttle decreases lean and the pavement lets go of the knee slider. Turn one down, this race has begun.