Riding the Kart Track

First time taking two wheels to the kart track

Many of my motorycle roadracing friends started out in “mini GP” — as I understood it at the time, mini GP was racing dirt bikes with street tires on go-kart tracks. It sounded neat, but I really never gave it a second thought - I was too busy trying to figure out myself, my SV650, and the tracks hosting CCS.

Joey Mink Racing at Summit Point
Knee-dragging my SV650 at my peak
Fast-forward to now. For the first time in 8 years, I haven’t entered a single race. I’m losing interest in the commitment, cost, and travel time. Coincidentally, my friend recently picked up an Ohvale GP2 and has been hitting up the bike-friendly kart tracks. After learning that I could take my Zero FXS to these tracks, I joined him and a plus-one at Oakland Valley Race Park (OVRP). I’ll let his wrap-up video speak for itself!