Ride to your COVID Vaccine

Arriving on your bike is for more fun!

Zero FXS parked at COVID vaccine site
Arriving in style for the injection

Walk in carrying a helmet, and other riders come out of the woodwork. They will look and act nothing like you, and they will be the last people you’d pick out of the crowd if you were trying to spy a motorcyclist. This is apparently true even when entering a COVID vaccine mega site.

What are you riding?

Countless people

I was thinking about riding, but it was a bit too cold and wet. Now I wish I did!

Someone in line ahead of me

I have the test to get my motorcycle license this weekend.

On duty National Guard member

Wow, silent! … zipping around on those is the future.

Harley Dyna Glide owner

I had a long discussion post-shot, in the observation area with an older rider. He shared all the bikes in his historical fleet. We could have talked for hours. So … if you want to make your COVID-19 vaccination just a little more enjoyable, take two wheels. Just sayin!

Morris County NJ COVID Vaccine Mega Site
The Morris County COVID Vaccine Mega Site

But two wheels or not, please seriously consider getting vaccinated. And thank you to all of the personnel at the Morris County COVID Mega Site in Rockaway, NJ. The staff is respectful, efficient, and pleasant! They are military and civilian, health care and non-healthcare professionals, all working together in a large scale operation that can only be described as astounding.