Sliding Rear Stands

A hack that maximizes garage space

Garage space comes at a premium. That’s definitely true in this hardly-one-car garage. Any hack that can open up another square foot is priceless!

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Those casters are life savers

For years, I’ve been using this somewhat-clunky rear stand from Venom to unlock garage space. The rear stand sits on casters, which allows the rear of the bike to slide sideways. I can effortlessly push the bike right up against the wall, and swing it away like a door if I need to access something.

This product is a kind of a weird add-on to Venom’s standard rear stand, so you have to grab the rear stand and the “trolley” add-on. If you’ve used Pit Bull stands, you’ll be disappointed with the rigidity of this Venom product. But if you need to slide your bike around the garage easily, you’ll be challenged to find something off-the-shelf that’s this affordable (Under $100 for the stand and trolley attachment).

There are definitely cooler solutions, like this offering from Dynamoto. But $360 to solve the same problem might give you pause...