Turn Signals as Running Lights

More visibility in stock trim for the win

In the dark, my bike’s lighting wasn’t much. A dim tail light, the small projectors in the front - they really didn’t get the job done.

Blinker Genie on rear of a Zero Motorcycles FXS
This is what I want!

But I liked my bike. I didn’t want to change the looks or layout. So I looked to the already-there turn signals. Could they be illuminated all the time, but still blink when needed? I doubted the novelty of my creative thought, and I confirmed I was indeed late to the game when I found Blinker Genie on a DuckDuckGo search.

Blinker Genie
A Blinker Genie ready to be spliced-into my bike's wiring

Blinker Genie was exactly what I was looking for, so I bought two pairs (one circuit per “corner” of the vehicle). Wiring it is theoretically simple, you just need to find an ignition-switched 12-volt source - that’s the one lead to the Blinker Genie that isn’t already part of a standard turn signal circuit.

Sumitomo connector for Zero Motorcycles
This Sumitomo connector plugs directly into a Zero 12v accessory harness

Rather than cut and splice, I decided to up my game. I soldered connectors to the Genies so they would hookup to harnesses already on the bike. This was possible (for me) because of the oh-so-useful Unofficial Zero Manual. Among tons of other information, it included the names of, and hyperlinks to, the stock connectors used by Zero for the 12-volt accessory harness and the turn signal leads.

Blinker Genie on Zero Motorcycles FXS
Definitely more visible with illuminated blinkers

And so there it is. My bike’s turn signals are on all the time, in all their amber glory. They make this supermoto look wider and brighter, particularly at dawn, dusk, and at night. And all this with no changes to my bike’s bodywork.

Soldering wires for the Blinker Genie
Gettin' high on rosin fumes!