Removable Pelican Top Case

Caribou Cases makes this FXS even better

After years of living with top cases bolted to my motorcycles, I decided it was time to live the high life. I saw all these shots of cool Givi setups - lockable, removable cases you can walk off with and hook back up to the bike with ease. Yes please!

Pelican Case mounted to a passenger seat
One of my many barbaric solutions over the years

But as a Pelican case addict, I wanted to keep using them and live the Givi dream. How was I gonna do this? Caribou Cases.

Caribou Case mating to the cargo plate
Docking in progress

After months of use, I can vouch for their kit. All you need is a bike with a rear luggage rack. Then you grab a case (already had one), a Caribou Cargo Plate (I got their Universal Rear Cargo Plate), and a Caribou DIY Top Case Mount System (I got the Deluxe).

Caribou Cases Top Case hardware installed
Case hardware installed

I'm not gonna lie, the process asks a lot of the customer. You have to mount the cargo plate to your luggage rack, install docking hardware onto that rack, and then install hardware onto your case. And even after you're done, you may have to fine tune a few things to minimize vibration. But being able to remove and install the case with minimal effort is a flippin' game changer!

Zero FXS with Caribou Top Case in Brooklyn
Caribou Cases Pelican 1550 top case in full effect

If you think Pelicans are the bee's knees, and you want the luxe experience of taking your sh*t with you when you leave the bike, then Caribou Cases for the win!