Custom Seat for the Zero FXS

Fisher Seats worked their magic

Stock Zero FXS Seat
The stock seat: exemplary of painful minimalism

Let's get straight to it: the stock seat on the FXS is minimal, and the passenger portion of it is effectively non-existent. It doesn't cover the full passenger seating area. And the passenger portion that is there is extremely thin. Passengers are basically balancing their tailbone on a rounded surface. Bumps are miserable!

Comparing stock vs. Custom Seat
Stock and custom seats, side-by-side!

Two-upping is a bit of a pastime for my friends and family. The kids didn't mind the stock FXS because they were small and light. But the adults found that once was enough for a ride on this bike solely because of the seat. This needed to be addressed! I looked over the options and decided to go full luxe: a custom seat. Fisher Seats stood out in my research as being one of the few (the only?) shop that specialized in banana seats like that on the FXS.

Customer Fisher Seat on Zero FXS
ZOMG, how did I ever ride without this?

I sent them a spare, stock FXS seat so I could ride while they did their work (turnaround time varies based on demand). I had multiple chats with Fisher about how the bike is used, the typical range of rider weights, and personal preferences. Comfort is their game and they achieve it by making seats as wide as possible. Months later, I received a beautiful example of their crafstmanship: a ridiculously comfortable seat (for both riders). Passengers have a completely different and positive experience now!

Reaction to first ride on custom seat
Smiling at the end of the ride this time!