The Zooz Bikes Ultralight

Only what you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

There’s joy in simplicity. Less really is more.

Zooz Bikes Ultralight at Tar Pit
An e-bike with BMX proportions

Enter the Zooz Bikes Ultralight. It delivers the absolute minimum of what you need to enjoy powered two-wheeling. A custom, purpose-built frame with a wheel set that delivers just enough suspension. Its 750 watt rear hub motor beats cars off the line at green lights. Pleasantly powerful, approachable, even inviting with that banana seat. You just can’t get off this thing once you get on it.

A stoppie on the Zooz Bikes Ultralight
Those hydraulic disc brakes are no joke

Every two-wheeler requires physical involvement. But with pedal power, an e-bike like this lets you fully-immerse yourself. You can double down on that high-torque hub motor by crushing the pedals as you take off from a stop. You can even stretch the top speed if you wanna throw a few revolutions on the crank.

Riding the Zooz Bikes Ultralight
The Ultralight in flight

In a fast-expanding landscape of e-bikes, it’s easy to get lost. But I definitely found my home on this uniquely BMX-proportioned frame with its sit-wherever-you-want seat and stealthy, regular-old-bike appearance. With uncompromising power, curb-jumping dimensions, and heart-stopping brakes, it's just ridiculously fun!