Zooz Bikes on Public Transit

Getting from where you are to where you want to ride

I'm a suburbanite who has a closet obsession with using public transit to get places. I just outted myself for the first time. Damn, that's refreshing!

Case in point, one of my bestest friends has been on the fence about buying a Zooz Bikes UU750. I offered to let her borrow mine for a bit to test it out - you know, see if she could get it in and out of her living space, commute to work on it, all that. Sounds like an offer out of the goodness of my heart? LOL! I saw an excuse to get my bike all the way from NJ to Brooklyn (and back) using just the Zooz, NJ Transit, and whatever else was necessary.

Zooz bike at Madison station in NJ
w00t for Madison, NJ's raised platform!

The trip did not disappoint - and it started with a train ride on NJ Transit. The only ways for Zooz and I to cross the Hudson were to walk/ride across the George Washington Bridge, take a ferry, or ride a train. I didn't want to do any driving, so my decision was made out the gate. I Zoozed a bit further than usual to catch an NJ Transit train because I wanted a station with a raised platform to easily roll the bike onto the train (wasn't too excited about carrying the 50-something pound Zooz up the train stairs).

Zooz bike on NJ Transit train
Zooz and me borgarting the seats.

Riding on NJ Transit with the Zooz is not recommended during rush hour. Commuters will be very disappointed that you are taking precious seats to tuck your non-foldable bike into the train car. So I went crazy-early.

Zooz bike on Penn Station platform
Patiently awaiting a ride up!

Arrival at Penn Station was smooth. Their raised platforms make for an easy roll off and there are elevators to bring the bike up from track level.

Zooz bike at Penn Station Starbucks
ZOMG, I waited too long to caffeinate!

And Penn offered ample room to park for a cup of coffee! However, bringing the bike up to surface level asked me to use an escalator (couldn't find an elevator), and let's just say I recommend not doing that while holding a cup of coffee.

Friends on a Zooz bike in Manhattan
Aw yeeeah, she's hooked on the Zooz!

Once on the surface, the streets are yours. Holy sh*t, there's nothing better than Zoozing around Manhattan!