Axle Adjusters On A Zooz

Wheel alignment in luxury

It's cold right now in NJ. Riding isn't convenient, but tinkering is! This post comes courtesy of the wonderful gang at Zooz Bikes, who were kind enough to help me get a hold of some axle adjusters.

axle adjuster for zooz bike
Beautiful in its simplicity

These babies are compatible with my first gen Urban Ultralight 750, which has a 12mm axle. I installed these in place of the interior axle spacer blocks, along with another 12mm washer on each side to keep an acceptable spacing between the hub and the frame.

axle adjusters on a zooz bike
As if it always should have been there

These things make it so easy to dial in chain tension and wheel alignment. It's a totally unnecessary luxury, I admit. But I don't care because I 💕 them anyway!

zooz bikes swag
Zooz showin the love!