Headlight Stem on the Original Zooz Bike

Retrofitting new kit on an older bike

I'm an unapologetic Zooz Bikes fanboy. I was lucky enough to buy one of their initial run of 100 bikes back in 2020, and I've loved riding it ever since. But getting in early has its downsides - Zooz has upped their game in subsequent revisions of the bike, totally improving their product. The bikes aren't cheap, and I'm unlikely to throw down for a new one any time soon...

Installing Zooz Bikes headlight stem
Boltin' up the headlight stem

...but there's hope! Their parts and accessories page keeps expanding, and sometimes new parts can be retrofitted to the OG bikes! Case in point: their new bikes come with a headlight stem, powered by a dedicated connection on the bike. That headlight stem can be purchased alone, but my bike doesn't have a built-in connection to power it. I decided to go for it anyway, and find a way to make it work.

DIY XT60 Y-connector
Now I can plug the bike battery into 2 things

The battery tray on the Zooz connects the battery to the motor controller through an XT60 connector. I made an XT60 Y-connector so that I could plug something else directly to the battery in addition to the motor controller.

Zooz Bike with DIY 12v converter
The silver box of cooling fins turns 48v into 12v. BOOM!

Then I bought a 12v DC-to-DC converter that's meant for electric golf carts. This particular one takes an input voltage of 36-48v, and produces an output voltage of 12v. This would plug into one side of the XT60 Y-connector, and the motor controller would plug into the other.

Zooz Bike with DIY headlight stem connector
Almost looks stock!

Lastly, I bought a 2-conductor Julet extension cable - this is the kind of connector that the Zooz headlight stem comes with. I plugged one end of the Julet extender into the headlight stem, but cut the other end and soldered it directly to the DC-to-DC converter's 12v output. I may want to power more 12v items in the future, but for now I just wanted that damn light beaming ASAP!

The result is sexy as hell! The design of the stem light is a phenomenal example of functional form. And now I don't have to worry about charging a bulky accessory light. Hells yeah Zooz, keep it comin!